Jasmine Crump

Jasmine is excited to be completing her practicum and internship at Grow Well Cleveland! She is a graduate student obtaining her Masters in Clinical Mental Health at Cleveland State University and completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Kent State University.
Jasmine aims at creating a non-judgmental safe space for all her clients by showing compassion, empathy, and respect by using a person-centered feminist approach to counseling. She believes every individual is the expert of their own lives and believes that counseling is a collaboration between the client and counselor. She believes by employing the above techniques and empowering and recognizing her client’s strengths will help lead everyone on a path to being the best version of themselves.
At Cleveland State, Jasmine’s studies focus on supporting the LGBTQIA+ community, body positivity, trauma, and multiculturalism. Jasmine also focuses on sex positivity and plans on becoming an AASECT certified sex therapist after graduation. When Jasmine isn’t at school or the office, you can find her at home trying to become The Next Great British Bake-Off champion as she loves to bake.
Jasmine’s pronouns are she/her/hers.