Mindful Movement Group

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Healthy Habits Group at Sheffield

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Wellness Wednesdays

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DBT Group

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) assists folx with managing and regulating behavior, cognition, and emotion. Participants will assess behavior change abilities and complete a behavior chain analysis alongside learning skills for mindfulness, distress tolerance (including reality acceptance and crisis survival), emotion regulation (reducing vulnerability to negative emotions, understanding/naming emotions), and interpersonal effectiveness (building effective relationships and terminating/changing ineffective strategies). Grow Well can bill for insurance and copays will depend upon individual insurance plans or clients can work out a self-pay option with the group facilitator. The group will run for at least 12 weeks total, possibly longer given our process. Please contact us for the next DBT Group start date.

DBT Group begins again in mid-April, 2023.

Virtual Existential Group 

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This group will support participants in developing skills for becoming more mindful in their daily life. Participants will learn how to create and support a daily meditation practice along with how to be more aware in their daily life. The course will include readings from "Wherever You Go There You Are" by Jon Kabat-Zinn.