Alix Dalheim

Alix Dalheim is an LPCC-S, PMH-C with 10 years of experience providing individual and group therapy in a variety of settings. Her approach to therapy is person centered, feminist focused and deeply rooted in her work as a advocate for survivors of intimate partner and sexual violence prior to becoming a counselor.  

My practice is focused on meeting the needs of individuals as they move through the reproductive life cycle. From the onset of menarche and puberty through post menopause with special emphasis on the perinatal period, I strive to support my clients as they navigate the specific emotional shifts these seasons can bring.

My passion for perinatal mental health was born out of my own rocky transition into motherhood, including a medically complex pregnancy and NICU stay for my sons. After feeling less than supported by available professional resources, I decided to become the therapist I needed.  I utilize Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing to support birthing people and their families as they navigate birth related traumas, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, infertility, and the often complicated transition into parenthood. In addition to EMDR, I frequently call on the tenants of cognitive behavioral therapy and attachment therapy to support parents in building bonds with themselves and their children as well as fostering radical self compassion in the face of societal expectations.  

Alix's pronouns are she/her/hers.

Alix sees clients virtually.