Mor Rondo Roberts

Mor Rondo J. Roberts is a licensed independent social worker (LISW-S) and a board certified licensed independence chemical dependency counselor (LICDC-CS) with clinical supervisor designations.

Mor Rondo has a master's in social work from Cleveland State University and a MBA in management from American Inter-Continental University.  Mor Rondo is also a certified trauma services specialist (CTSS).  He believes in the practice of using behavioral health models to empower individuals, offer hope, healing, and connections to resources. Mor Rondo specializes in couples therapy and relationship development, addiction and substance use disorders in addition to people suffering from symptoms of depression, PTSD, anxiety, and anger management.

Mor Rondo believes in growing through challenging experiences and increasing self-awareness. Sometimes another person, one who isn't in one's immediate circle, can offer a perspective or additional support. Every person should have the ability to share personal truths and be accepted and understood. Mor Rondo believes it's very important to be open-minded and non-judgmental when someone shares their personal story or experiences. Every relationship a person has (whether internal or external) has value and worth just as every person does.

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